John and Mike

Mike and John in a contemplative moment...

When Mike Met John

During summer breaks from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Mike Bradecich (“Marion Mugg”) and Justin DiGiacomo (“The Mole Man”) used to do Shakespeare in the park together.

During the school year, while Mike was studying creative writing and film, Justin was off doing kooky theatre projects with weirdos like Vicky J. Strei (Costume Designer & Wardrobe Mistress) and John LaFlamboy (“Jarmon Mugg”).

One summer, Justin invited his weird friend John to come see some of that Shakespeare he was always doing.  Mike looked at John and his broken leg, and listened to his far-fetched stories about the magical red-eyed demons that haunted his childhood home (or some shit like that), and vowed never to participate in a creative or business endeavor with THAT guy.  John looked at Mike doing Shakespeare and vowed never to perform with THAT guy, because he was too loud and didn’t like anyone else to get any of the attention.

Ten years later, John and Mike somehow got drunk enough on New Year’s Eve of 2005 that they formed Big Tree Productions to write, direct, and act in movies with their friends.  “The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue” is their first feature.  Mike is still too loud and John is still, like, SUPER weird and will go on and on about supernatural demons if you let him.

Mike Bradecich Mike Bradecich

Mike is an actor, improviser, and writer in Los Angeles, having moved there from Chicago one week after wrapping production on Mole Man.

Mike got his start in Chicago doing improv and sketch at iO Chicago and at Second City, where he was on the National Touring Company and also performed in the original cast of the smash hit musical “Rob Blagojevich Superstar.”

He can also be seen in a butt-load of commercials for clients like Leapfrog, K-Y Brand, Allstate, Comcast, and most popularly for the USPS as Postal Carrier Al in their Flat Rate Box “If it fits, it ships” commercials.  He has a gorgeous wife who is a doctor and two gorgeous daughters who are not doctors and is slightly gorgeous himself.  He is also not a doctor but occasionally wrestles as The Professor of Pain.

Mike on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

John La Flamboy John La Flamboy

John is an actor, director, producer, production designer, and storyteller in Chicago.

John is a stage actor who trains at The Artistic Home in Chicago.  He has co-produced two other feature films (The Art of Pain and Squeal). As an actor, John has also played the resident odds-maker in a television series (The Odds Squad), fought ninjas and zombies as a lead in the feature film The Art of Pain, been killed by a Pigman in the feature film Squeal, performed the motion capture movement for the video games Stubbs the Zombie and BioShock and had very small roles in very small commercials that only his mother seems to have seen.

John is also the founder and director of Zombie Army Productions, a production company that produces Chicago’s largest haunted houses (Statesville Haunted Prison, City of the Dead, and The Fear at Navy Pier).

John on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB)